EASE Conference Abstract: Challenges of publishing in languages other than English

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This honour falls to Maria del Carmen Ruiz-Alcocer, and her session addressing Challenges of publishing in languages other than English.

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14th EASE Conference, Bucharest 2018
Saturday 9th June: 14.00 – 15.00
Plenary Lecture 3

Challenges of publishing in languages other than English
Maria del Carmen Ruiz-Alcocer, AMERBAC (Mexican Association of Editors)
Chair: Paola de Castro, National Institute of Health, Italy / Gender Policy Committee, EASE Council

The three most spoken languages worldwide are Mandarin Chinese (1,092 million), English (984 million) and Spanish (528 million). Science production is extensive. Not all researchers speak English and not all outputs will be published in major international journals. What happens if scientists do not publish in English? What are their options and challenges? On the occasion of his visit to Mexico, the unforgettable, late Bruce Squires called on us scientists to publish in Spanish. It has been a permanent dilemma since: should we publish in Spanish? In English? In both languages?

Most medical journals in Mexico are published in Spanish with, often poor, summaries in English. We are far from a satisfactory solution and fora like the EASE conference are ideal to find the best options on how to disseminate science to the greatest number of users all over the world. I consider the most important considerations are to be (i) research is carried out in strict adherence to scientific methodology, (ii) readers have access to all elements that allow them to know the scope of the research, (iii) researchers should publish in their original language, and (iv) the translator that prepares the summary in English should be considered as a key member of the research/authorship team.

Dra. María del Carmen Ruíz-Alcocer
Intersistemas Editors
AMERBAC (International Affairs Director)
WAME (Director)

About María del Carmen Ruíz-Alcocer

I am Maria del Carmen Ruiz Alcocer, I am Mexican and did MD from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM 1976-1980). I have graduate studies in Health Administration and a Master in Education. I live in Mexico City.

Since 1981 I have been involved in medical education, most notably the Coordination of the Mexican Television Center for Health Education (CEMESATEL) in 1989-1995; Medical Management (2002-2009) and Medical Director in LiveMed Institute (2009 to date), a Mexican company for Continuing Medical Education all over the country, working in face-to-face and online programs), Medical editor since 1995 in Intersistemas Publishers, a Mexican company founded in 1970 (journals, books, self-teaching programs, e-books and online programs) where I have been Editor in Chief, Editorial Director and now Medical Senior Editor.

I am member of WAME, since 2002 and member of EASE, the European Association of Science Editors since 2013. In EASE I am translating into Spanish the abstracts of European Science Editing since 2014 and now I am translating the Science Editor’s Handbook. For WAME I translated the Syllabus several years ago. In 2003-2005 I was president of AMERBAC (The Mexican Association of Biomedical Journal Editors) and now I am Director for International Affairs 2015-2017 and 2017-2019), and director-at-large in WAME (2003-2005, 2013-2015 and 2017-2019). I was Member of the Editorial Policy Committee of WAME till it was renamed the Ethics and Policy Committee and currently I am a member of the Education Committee.