EASE Conference Abstract: Peer Review: Research and Training

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COST PEERE session on peer review: research and training
Chairs: Ana Marusic and Flaminio Squazzoni, Trans-Domain COST Action TD1306 New Frontiers of Peer Review

This session will use a trans-disciplinary approach to look into newest developments in peer review research and training, in order to explore the ways to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability of peer review.


  • Large-scale exploration of peer review across research domains
    Flaminio Squazzoni, PEERE and University of Brescia, Italy
  • Motivations for peer reviewers to perform pre-publication review of manuscripts: a systematic review
    Mersiha Mahmić-Kaknjo, PEERE and University of Zenica School of Medicine, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Peer reviewer training as a means to boost a journal’s peer review capacity and quality
    Clarinda Cerejo, Editage Insights, India
  • Five Modes of “Sudden Death” – Experience with a Decision Option
    Markus K Heinemann et al., The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon, Germany
  • Innovations in peer review: Introducing VolunPeers
    Bahar Mehmani, RELX Group, Netherlands