European Science Editing 44(3) – August 2018

The latest issue of EASE journal European Science Editing has been published. Read it online now:

In this issue we have eleven articles and some supplementary files, including the cards for our peer review training game.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since May, bringing along all sorts of practical concerns. To help us a little, the issue opens with our president Pippa Smart’s editorial about adopting the GDPR in journals (p 50).

Ružica Tokalić and Ana Marušić present a peer review card exchange game that was introduced at the PEERE summer school and could be adapted for different kinds of training for editors and authors (p 52).

Examples of some of the cards in the Peer Review Card Exchange Game

The first Essay by Quan-Hoang Vuong discusses plagiarism and the public reaction to three recent cases within social sciences in Vietnam (p 56). The second Essay by Dmitry Tychinin recommends a few specific improvements in English language usage for Russian native speakers writing research articles (p 59) and in the viewpoint section, Erik Tihelka presents an artificial language designed to facilitate communication between speakers of Slavic languages (p 62).

The meeting reports section covers, of course, our general assembly (p 63 )and conference, “balancing innovation and tradition in science editing” which took place in Bucharest in June (p 65). You can read the conference abstracts online. At the conference, I seized the opportunity to interview an Australian colleague, editor John Loadsman, who specializes in delicate research integrity issues (p 68).

In This Site I Like we learn more about the Retraction Watch website from the horse’s mouth in a short interview with its founder, Ivan Oransky (p 69).

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Ksenija Baždarić
European Science Editing