Hydrology Journal Editor Summit Editorial

A joint Editorial position paper has been published across 14 hydrology journals, presenting the results of discussions from the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union – EGU in Vienna in April 2017.

The paper, titled “Invigorating hydrological research through journal publications” reviews the current status of the journals and the publication process, and shares thoughts on future editorial strategies the hydrology field can take.

The issues and strategies discussed in this paper are relevant to many other fields than just hydrology, aligning with many of the initiatives and editorial standards EASE champions and works to foster amongst our members, academia, and the publishing industry.

The paper discusses trends in the publication process, such as sophistication of dealing with ethical issues, faster publication (pre-prints, online proofs, fast-track papers), and changes in the number of authors on a paper (which has increased from an average of 2 to 4-5 in the field)

The discussion addresses the concept of novelty in published research and how to evaluate the value of a study, highlighting open access, open data, institutional assessments and issues with using the impact factor.

Finally, the paper emphasises the role of journals in setting the scientific agenda, and their position in disseminating knowledge to both practicing researchers and the general public.

Quinn et al. (2018) Joint Editorial: Invigorating hydrological research through journal publications. Hydrology Research nh2018124. https://doi.org/10.2166/nh.2018.124