TRANSPOSE is a grassroots initiative building a crowdsourced database of journal policies with the goal to improve and sustain TRANsparency in Scholarly Publishing for Open Scholarship Evolution.

The group includes contributors from Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, UPenn, bioRxiv, PREreview, Crossref, ASAPbio, Know-Center, Austria, and OpenUp.

The team are focusing on three areas: open peer review, co-reviewing, and detailed preprinting policies.

Key to the goals of the group is to foster new practices and culture of presenting journal policies, while increasing awareness among authors, editors, and other stakeholder of the range of policies across journals, and the differences between them. Finally, TRANSPOSE seek to provide resources to assist journals in setting, sharing, and clarifying their policies.

Contributions are welcomed from anyone, but submissions will require verification from the journals and publishers themselves to be fully registered in the database.

Visit the TRANSPOSE website to preview all the information collected so far, read potential use cases to learn how these data could be useful to different stakeholder groups, edit and add new records to the policy database.