CoalitionS announces revised PlanS principles and implementation

The revised version of PlanS proposals have been released, with a response to feedback, rationale for revisions and the newly revised Principles and Implementation plan published on the CoalitionS website.

The new version takes into account feedback statements from 600 universities, learned societies, publishers, associations, and individual scholars from more than 40 countries. The Coalition has used this feedback to refine each of the over-arching principles to make both the intent and path to compliance clearer, as well as refining the guidance on how the principles should be implemented.

Key revisions to the documents include:

  • Extension of the timetable, to begin Plan S from 1 January 2021.
  • Extension of support for transformative agreements until 2024.
  • More options for transitional arrangements (transformative agreements, transformative model agreements, ‘transformative journals’).
  • Clearer descriptions of how to comply are provided, along three routes:
  • Open Access publishing venues (journals or platforms);
  • Subscription venues (repository route);
  • Transition of subscription venues (transformative arrangements).
  • Greater emphasis on changing the research reward and incentive system included in the rationale.
  • Relaxing of the technical requirements for repositories.
  • The use of CC BY-ND licensing will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  • No price cap of APCs has been specifically defined, but the rationale states “If publication fees are levied, these should be commensurate with the publication services delivered.

    The new 10 Principles, from the Principles & Implementation page:

    Visit the following links for the full details of changes from the CoalitionS website. All content can also be download as pdfs.

    Rationale for Revisions:
    Revised Principles and Implementation: