European Science Editing issue 45(2) released

The second issue of ESE volume 45 is now available online.

Members can access the issue in full, non-members can read the open access Editorial and Original Articles.

This issue features Stephan Mertens’ editorial about the need for science journals to address climate change with themed issues that would cover a variety of views on this “most pressing issue humanity is facing today” (p30).

In the original article, Joy Burrough-Boenisch reports whether freelance editors seek acknowledgment from authors for contributing to the quality of published research (p32).

The first of two viewpoints, by two US editors, Jay Verkuilen and Howard T Everson, respond to the editorial in the February issue by outlining the distinction between the roles of the editor and the reviewer (p39). In the second, Raitskaya and Tihonova examine multilingualism in Russian journals (p44).

A report from an interesting meeting in Berlin (p45), a review of Tim Albert’s memoirs (p47), a description of the discover tool for researchers available at (p48), and a letter outlining unethical behaviour in Moldova (p56), together with our all regular items, offer more great reading.

Ksenija Baždarić
European Science Editing