New paper demystifies developments in the new wave of ‘Open Science’

A new paper has been added to a special issue of the journal Publications, examining “New Frontiers for Openness in Scholarly Publishing”

The article is titled “Ten Hot Topics around Scholarly Publishing” and, in the context of the special issue theme, discusses several controversial, contentious or simply important and popular topics that are currently propelling the “new wave of ‘Open Science’”.

This article presents ten items in an evidence-based framework to help develop policy and practice, and advance discussion, in a measured fashion. The paper focuses on preprints and the threat of scooping, copyright transfer and rights licensing, the function of peer review, predatory publishing, and the limitations of bibliometric databases in a way which avoids the emotive rhetoric that discussions of these topics often moves toward when discussed in public forums.

The ultimate goal, and strength, of the paper is its demystification of issues in this evolving domain, providing evidence, insights and suggestions to inform change, and better support the synthesised development of open science research, policy and practice in academia and the publishing industry.

Figure 1. (A) Traditional peer review publishing workflow. (B) Preprint submission establishing priority of discovery. (Tennant et al. 2019)

Tennant, J.P.; Crane, H.; Crick, T.; Davila, J.; Enkhbayar, A.; Havemann, J.; Kramer, B.; Martin, R.; Masuzzo, P.; Nobes, A.; Rice, C.; Rivera-López, B.; Ross-Hellauer, T.; Sattler, S.; Thacker, P.D.; Vanholsbeeck, M. Ten Hot Topics around Scholarly Publishing. Publications 2019, 7, 34.