Researcher survey from T&F

Taylor & Francis has released findings of a survey of c.3000 researchers in which they asked about publishing habits and opinions of open access (OA).

Although there was strong support for full access to their research (88% of researchers agree or strongly agree that there is value in anyone being able to access their work), few researchers were happy to be told where to publish their research by the research funder or organization (although STM researchers were more open to being told where to publish).

Q.3. I believe that there is value in anyone being able to access my research (T&F Author OA Survey, 2019)

The survey asked respondents about attitudes to paying to publish in OA journals and found that paying APCs was still a concern to many. For most, the key reason for not selecting OA journals was a lack of funding, and there was also a dislike of being charged to publish.

However, regardless of researcher support for OA it remains only a minor influence on publishing decisions. As found in previous studies, readership and journal influence remain the key reasons for selecting publishing venues.

Download the full report from the T&F Author Services website here