Invitation to participate in predatory journal survey

The STEM Training in Ethics of Publication Practices (STEPP) programme is a 3-year project supported by funding from the National Science Foundation to conduct research and develop training on the topic of predatory publishing.

The project is now in the research phase, and looking to recruit interviewees from a wide range of individuals who are potentially impacted by predatory publishing—including librarians, scientific researchers, academic administrators, publishing industry representatives, journal editors, and science journalists.

If you would like to consider participating, contact Project Lead Amy Koerber or fill in the application form. The interview takes around one hour, and it can be conducted via Zoom or Skype at a time that’s convenient for you. Upon completion of the interview, you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card to thank you for your time.

Download the flyer for the project to share among your colleagues or anyone you think may be interested in participating, and see the STEPP website for full details of the background, goals and progress of the project.