PRW2020 EASE Croatian Regional Chapter webinar

For Peer Review Week, we are pleased to be presenting a special event for EASE members, today, Wednesday 23rd September at 16:00 Central European Time, hosted by our Croatian  Regional Chapter and the Croatian Association for Scientific Communication (CROASC).

Join us in a discussion how open peer review can contribute to the trust in peer review. Various aspects of open peer review will be considered, from open identities, open reports to open participation. Although open peer review increases the transparency of the evaluation process and should enhance the quality of the reviews, it is still not practiced in many journals. We will try to conclude how „open“ academics are and how can we enhance trust in peer review.

The session will feature Jadranka Stojanovski (University of Zadar / Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia / CROASC) and Mario Malički (University of Split, Croatia / METRICS, Stanford, USA), and will be moderated by Iva Grabarić Andonovski (University of Zagreb, Croatia / CROASC).

Members, join us for a meeting of some of the most progressive minds in open science, for what promises to be an exciting and entertaining session to celebrate Peer Review Week.

Check your emails for the Zoom link to join.