‘The past, the present and the future of preprints’

Join us for a panel discussion on ‘The past, the present and the future of preprints’

Monday, October 19, 2020 

10am New York | 3pm London | 4pm Berlin | 7:30pm Mumbai

Preprints allow faster and broader dissemination of research and bring opportunities for new peer review models, but there are also asymmetries in their use, with some research disciplines and geographical areas more active than others.

At our panel discussion, chaired by ASAPbio Fellows Yamini Ravichandran and Marco Fumasoni, we will discuss with our five speakers the current status of preprints in the life sciences, how to maximize their benefits for all within the scientific community, and explore what the future may hold.

Introduction by the Chairs
Perspectives on the preprint landscape: Anjana Badrinarayan (NCBS-Bangalore), Ross Mounce (Arcadia Fund), Antonis Rokas (Vanderbilt School of Medicine), Richard Sever (bioRxiv & medRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press), Sowmya Swaminathan (Nature Research) Roundtable discussion  Q&A
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