EASE Webinar Series: Research integrity for editors

Following our ‘Editorial efficiencies’ and ‘Words & Typography’ webinars, our next monthly (FREE!) EASE member seminar will on 9th March, be with Joan Marsh talking about research integrity for editors. The session will feature lots of “need-to-know” topics being covered, including:

  • Literature review: putting research in context and preventing waste in research
  • Protocols and statistical analysis plans: keeping authors on track
  • Reporting guidelines and checklists
  • Sex and gender reporting
  • Validation and reproducibility: including verification of large datasets and real-world data
  • Data sharing statements, database citation, secondary use of data
  • Authorship and CRediT taxonomy
  • Conflict of interest declarations
  • Gender and diversity policies (including end-user viewpoints).
  • Visit the training pages on the EASE website for full details and registration information.