The Open Science Pie

The Open Science Pie has been created by EASE-member Jo Havemann, and members of Access2Perspectives – a collective of science communication trainers, developers and open access advocates – to visualize eight (8) important aspects of Open Science that can easily be implemented by any researcher to foster transparent, reproducible, and efficient research practices.

The eight sections of the Pie feature:
  • Join a Community – to adapt your own research culture, and collaborate
  • Maintain your ORCiD record – to make your publications visible
  • Contribute to fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (JEDI)
  • Adopt F.A.I.R. Data principles, policies and procedures in your work
  • Explore open source hardware (and software) solutions
  • Adopt the CARE principles for indigenous data governance
  • Share your work as preprints 
  • Use social media and researcher networks – discuss, share and amplify your work, and the work of your community

Read full details of each slice of the Pie on the A2P website, and download a copy of the Pie here