Our EASE forest continues to grow

Our early payment initiative has now closed, and we are delighted to confirm 150 trees have been planted in our EASE Virtual Forest. Many thanks to all those of you who paid promptly.

We would like to thank the ‘Plant for the Planet’ partner organisations for their amazing efforts in planting and nurturing our forest. Here’s the details of what has been planted as a result of the early payment initiative:

  • 30 trees planted by the Institute for Community Partnerships and Sustainable Development in Togo
  • 20 trees planted by ReNordestando Campaign, Centro de Pesquisas Ambientais do Nordeste (CEPAN) in Brazil
  • 50 trees will be planted by World Wide Initiative for Development/ hands for the little in Congo Kinshasa
  • 50 trees will be planted by Tree Adoption Uganda in Uganda

If you would like to help our forest grow, you may plant a tree at any time by following this link.