Guideline for reporting systematic reviews of outcome measurement instruments (OMIs): PRISMA-COSMIN for OMIs 2024

This article introduces the PRISMA-COSMIN 2024 guideline, an extension of the PRISMA 2020 guideline, to improve the reporting of systematic reviews of outcome measurement instruments (OMIs). Developed following EQUATOR guidelines, the process included literature review, expert consultations, a Delphi study, workgroup meetings, pilot testing, and patient/public involvement. The final guideline includes a 54-item checklist covering various sections of a systematic review report and a separate checklist for abstracts. These guidelines aim to enhance the transparency, reproducibility, and quality appraisal of systematic reviews of OMIs, making it easier for end-users to select appropriate OMIs. The guidelines and related documents are freely accessible online.

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Jul 9;22(1):48. doi: 10.1186/s12955-024-02256-9. PMID: 38978063.

Recommended on behalf of EASE by Silvia Maina, Italy

Written by: Elsman EBM, Mokkink LB, Terwee CB, et al.

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