Tobacco funded research: how even journals with bans find it hard to stem the tide of publications

In this paper published in BMJ, the authors highlight how tobacco companies are increasingly investing in pharmaceutical and medical products, complicating the efforts of researchers and journals to distance themselves from the industry. Despite attempts to cut ties, research funded by the tobacco industry continues to appear in major medical journals. The authors note that most top medical journals lack policies banning tobacco-funded research, and identifying funding sources is challenging due to the industry’s use of front groups. Some journals have updated their policies to exclude such research, but enforcement remains difficult. The paper raises ethical concerns about the influence of the tobacco industry’s investments in medical fields targeting conditions related to smoking on research and public health.

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BMJ. 2024 May 30;385:q1153. doi: 10.1136/bmj.q1153.

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Written by: van den Berg I, de Jeu M, Boytchev H.