Join our EASE Communities for free

We are pleased to introduce a new way for you to connect with EASE: Community membership.

Our Regional Chapters and Special Interest Groups are supported by a Community of those active in the scientific and scholarly communications and publishing industries either in specific geographic areas or with an interest in particular topics. These communities are open to anyone interested in these matters, you do not have to be an EASE member.

The role of the Communities is to provide a sounding board and feedback on the aspirations and activities of our regional chapters and special interest groups and the work we are doing within EASE in general. Each Group will interact directly with those in their Community by e-mail, a dedicated forum and occasional events. As a Community members, we ask that you help us to spread the news of our activities and initiatives through your networks to ensure we reach the widest possible audience. There are no charges or onerous obligations for those who participate.

We currently have Communities in the following areas:

Regional ChaptersSpecial Interest Groups


Environment and Sustainability


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion




Authors and Researchers


Manuscript editors and author service providers

The Nordics

Journal editors, editorial office staff and editorial board members


Peer reviewers





Our main Discussion Forum and the Special Interest Groups’ Forums are conducted in English. Our Regional Chapters have the option to conduct their Forum in their native language and/or English to support their local community.

Not all communities have active Forums yet, but please visit the page and get chatting with your colleagues.