EASE Council nominee

Nominated for ordinary Council member

Iva Grabaric Andonovski

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Food Technology and Biotechnology journal

I am very grateful for the nomination to become a member of EASE Council and thankful for all the support I have  received so far. I have met many great people at EASE throughout the years from whom I have learned a lot.

In Croatia we have a strong open access publishing community and I am very proud to be part of it and to be one of the signees of the Croatian Open Access Declaration. However, I am aware that we lack formal training and support at national level, so I would like to change that in years to come. These were the main reasons why I have joined PUBMET conference organisation committee and took the roles of secretary of Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication (CROASC) and the chair of EASE Croatian Regional Chapter. I am proud to say that we have organized several very successful conferences, workshops, panel discussions and  webinars, and acted as a liaison between the editors and various institutions (Ministry of Science and Education, SRCE, DOAJ, Sherpa/Romeo). By combining all these functions I hope that I can contribute to the EASE goals to give a stronger support to the local and regional editors. Besides providing education and training to young editors, especially on how to adjust to the online surrounding, I would like to promote open peer review and new trends in scientific publishing.

Career summary

I joined the Food Technology and Biotechnology editorial team in 2003, first as an editorial assistant, then as an assistant editor and in 2013 I became the editor. Throughout the years I have learned all the aspects of the editorial work, from processing submissions, handling peer review, plagiarism checking to editing, proofreading, managing metadata, applying for grants, handling finances, etc. During the years I have tried to improve my editor skills as much as possible by finishing postgraduate study in food management and attending many courses and workshops (on writing skills, presentation of research results, introduction to innovation, intellectual property, entrepeneurship, internet security, data protection, web design, metadata management, etc.) and conferences.

I have also held lectures, organized several panel discussions and workshops, and coauthored conference reports, editorials and a chapter on scientific journal financing in the book about Croatian scientific journals. I have been an EASE member since 2014,  an organizing committee member and the secretary of PUBMET conferences since 2016, the secretary and board member of Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication (CROASC) since 2020 and the chair of EASE Croatian Regional Chapter since 2020. I am also a member of the Croatian Society of Biotechnology.

Please read my CV here