The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

Council nominations 2021-2023

The Nominations Committee for the 2021-23 Council rotation comprises; Ana Marusic (Past President), Pippa Smart (Past-President) and Joan Marsh (Past-President). Its role is to manage the process of Council nominations and appointments. 

The Nominations Committee has already approached a number of EASE members asking if they would be willing to stand for Council election. Their proposals for Council are listed below, with links to further information.

All EASE members should consider these nominations and have the opportunity to submit suggestions for additional nominations for all positions ahead of the election in May 2021.

The Council is made up of a President, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer/company secretary and a further 6 ordinary members. The immediate Past President, Secretary and the editors of the journal European Science Editing and the EASE Digest are ex-officio members of Council in addition to those being elected.

Members will be asked to vote from those nominated as follows: one President, two Vice Presidents and one Treasurer/company secretary and 6 ordinary Council members. There are 14 ordinary Council nominations from the Nominations Committee in the list below. Any additional nominees put forward by the membership for any of the positions will be added after 16 April 2021 to give plenty of time for members to consider all nominees ahead of the vote in May.

Council nominations

President – Mr Duncan Nicholas, UK

Vice President – Dr Ines Steffens, Sweden

Vice President – Professor Cem Uzun, Turkey

Treasurer and Company Secretary – Mr Matthew Hodgkinson, UK

Ordinary Council members, seeking re-election

Ms Rachel Lammey, UK

Dr Bahar Mehmani, The Netherlands

Mr Yateendra Joshi, India

Professor Jadranka Stojanovski, Croatia

Ordinary Council members, seeking election

Dr Davies Adeloye, Nigeria/UK

Dr Shahul Ameen, India

Mrs Clarinda Cerejo, India

Ms Iva Grabaric Andonovski, Croatia

Dr Maria Koltowska-Haggstrom, Sweden

Mrs Delia Mihaila, Switzerland

Dr Fiona Murphy, UK

Dr Stefania Romano, Italy

Ms Elena Tikhonova, Russia

Mr Michael Willis, UK

Member nominations procedure

There will now be a period of approximately 3 months (until 16 April 2021) for members of the Association to consider this list, and nominate any additional candidates for any positions who they consider suitable by notifying the Secretary by email.

To nominate a candidate, members should follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your proposed nominee is a paid up member of EASE for 2021 (or is willing to become one in order to stand for election)
  2. Approach your proposed nominee and ask if they are prepared to stand for election. If they agree they should send a signed declaration to that effect to the EASE secretary.
  3. Secure support for your proposed nominee from two further paid up members of EASE and ask them to send supporting letters to the EASE secretary

These steps must be completed by 16 April 2021.

Any new nominations received from EASE members will then be validated by the Nominations Committee, and if validated, will be added to the list of nominees originally proposed.

On 21 April, approximately 9 weeks before the General Assembly, the expanded list of nominees will then be presented to members in a direct e-mail, on the EASE website and through social media channels.

On 12 May, approximately 6 weeks before the General Assembly, electronic voting will be opened for a 3-week period, during which time bone fide members of the Association will cast their votes. Please be sure you know your username and password to access the electronic voting section of the EASE website. Contact the EASE secretary if you need assistance.

Members will be asked to vote for:

1 President
2 Vice Presidents
1 Treasurer/company secretary
6 ordinary members of Council

If more candidates are nominated than there are places available, those with the largest number of votes will win. In the event of a tie, the outgoing President will have the casting vote.

On 2 June, 3 weeks before the General Assembly, the voting will be closed and votes counted.

On 23 June the results of the election will be announced to the general membership at the General Assembly of the Association. 

Please contact me if you require any further information about the process or would like help making your nomination.