The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

EASE Council nominee

Nominated for ordinary Council member

Mrs Delia Mihaila

Chief Executive Officer

I am very honored to be nominated for the EASE Council. Given my extensive expertise in open access, I would be delighted to advise members on the transition to the OA model. I can share my experience in launching and developing open access journals in a financially sustainable manner.  I hope I can work closely together with other EASE members interested in open access to find solutions meant to help the community of editors and small scientific publishers to adopt the open access model for their journals.

I could also contribute to the Training and professional development working group, based on my experience in hiring and training big teams of editors in various countries in the recent years. I would be open to contribute to other working groups such as peer-review, publications and resources. 

Career summary

Delia Mihaila is the Chief Executive Officer of the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI AG), Basel, Switzerland. She has overall responsibility for representing the company, driving the internal and external strategy, policy and decision-making process, and ensuring the sustainable growth of the company (approx. 60% growth per year on average). Since joining MDPI as a Managing Editor in 2013, Delia has been responsible for developing and launching Open Access journals and improving editorial processes. She has improved the quality of the services provided to the scholars, through rigorous training of in-house staff, including opening new offices several countries across three continents.

MDPI acted as a driver of the open access movement worldwide, and Delia personally acted as an advocate of this model internationally, especially with learned societies. She also set up a Research & Development department to accelerate innovation activities in scholarly communication. Previously, Delia worked in her native Romania, then did a Master’s degree in International Publishing at Oxford Brooke’s University, UK, before working for John Wiley & Sons as a Journal Publishing Manager. Delia spoke at the EASE Conference in Bucharest, Romania.

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