Sigmar Rode

Professor Sigmar de Mello Rode

Standing for election to Ordinary Council Member

Board Member- President
ABEC Brasil

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In a globalized world, EASE must count on the participation of different regions and cultures to meet the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In the DOAJ database, which contains only open access journals, Latin America accounts for more than 60% of the publications. The region has a globally recognized regional research information infrastructure, and authors publish a significant proportion of their work in journals that are indexed by local indexing databases, and not necessarily by the main global bibliographic databases.

Having a representative from Latin America on the EASE Council will ensure better communication with this region, multilingualism and a better understanding of the specific needs for targeted programs (webinars, lectures, etc.), dissemination of EASE’s various activities and, with this, attract new members and participants from the events. It will also be easier to establish collaborative partnerships with the community of journal editors of the region, managers and entities related to the scientific publishing process, practicing open science, including open access, always adopting high ethical standards with quality and integrity in scientific publication.

The EASE Brazilian Chapter will play a fundamental role in this process, providing networking, learning opportunities and increased access to training. I am pleased to stand for election to the EASE Council.

Career summary

Sigmar is a Full Professor of the Dentistry School at Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – UNESP, Brazil. In addition he is involved with a number of professional organisations:

  • President of the Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors – ABEC Brasil (2008-2012 and 2020-2024);
  • Chair of Chapter Brazil/European Association for Scientific Editors – EASE (2022-);
  • Scientific Committee Board Member of Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) (2007-2012 and 2020-2024);
  • Scientific Committee Board Member of Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literatures (LILACS) (2018 – );
  • Member of the Brazilian Academy of Dentistry (AcBO) (2018-);
  • Area Editor (Dentistry) of CLINICS (Elsevier journal)  (2015-);
  • Associate Editor of Revista de Odontologia da UNESP (2005-);
  • Advisor of Committee to evaluate Brazilian Scientific Journals of National Council of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) (2022-);
  • Founder of the Latin American Association of Scientific Editors (ALAEC) (2021);
  • Former Editor in Chief of Brazilian Oral Research (2006 – 2014);
  • Former President of the Brazilian Society of Dental Research (SBPqO) (1999-2000);
  • Former President of the Latin American Region of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR)  (2009 – 2011);
  • Member of the Editorial Board of 20 journals.

Sigmar has participated in hundreds of lectures and workshops on scientific publication in Brazil and abroad, aiming at the improvement of journals, as well as disseminating and facilitating access to the state of the art of scientific publications (principles of Ethic and Integrity; Open Science; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility; UN Sustainable Goals) among other initiatives in his commitment to scholarly publishing. Notable achievements include:

14 Scientific books
222 Articles in scientific journals
32 Book chapters
35 Thesis Orientation Master
13 Thesis Orientation PhD




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