Article: A spike in the scientific output on social sciences in Vietnam for recent three years: Evidence from bibliometric analysis in Scopus database (2000–2019)

Article published in the Journal of Information Science November 2020

Bibliometric analysis of 3105 publications retrieved from the Scopus database was conducted to evaluate bibliographic content of scientific output on social sciences in Vietnam, for the 2000–2019 period. Our main findings show that the number of publications on social sciences from Vietnam has increased significantly over the last two decades, and there was a spike in the scientific output for the recent three years when the number of publications accounted for 53.76% of the collection.

Authors: Binh Pham-Duc, Trung Tran, Thao-Phuong-Thi Trinh, Tien-Trung Nguyen, Ngoc-Trang Nguyen, Hien-Thu-Thi Le

01 November 2020