Best practices in scholarly communication

The use of modern technologies has recently become the focus of authors, editors, and publishers. In this panel discussion, we will overview the possibilities of utilizing large language models and artificial intelligence in scholarly communication, as well as the ethical considerations that accompany such usage. We will also present the current technical capabilities and plans for the future development of the Croatian portal of scientific and professional journals Hrčak, and discuss the needs of the scientific community, especially those of journal editors.

Location: University of Zagreb, R. Cimermana 88, Zagreb, Croatia, from 14 to 15.30 h CEST

Speakers: Filip Šuligoj (University of Zagreb Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture), Ana Marušić (University of Split School of Medicine), Ljiljana Jertec Musap (University of Zagreb University Computing Centre (SRCE)), Iva Grabarić Andonovski, (University of Zagreb Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Editor of Food Technology and Biotechnology, CROASC President, Hrčak Council member, EASE Vice President)

Moderator: Draženko Celjak (University of Zagreb University Computing Centre (SRCE))

17 April 2024

University of Zagreb University Computing Centre (SRCE)

Croatia, Authors and researchers, Journal editors, Manuscript editors and author service providers, Peer reviewers, Publishers