Croatian EASE Regional Chapter – Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication (CROASC) EASE 2021 satellite session

Croatian EASE Chapter and CROASC organised a satellite session to the 15th EASE Conference, on 17 June 2021, with the
following programme:

9.00-9.30 am (CEST) Mario Malički (Stanford University / Research Integrity and Peer Review / EASE / CROASC): (Young) Editor’s Guide to Preprints and Peer Review

9.30-9.40 am Q&A

9.45-10.00 am Danijel Namjesnik (University of Zagreb / Croatica Chemica Acta / CROASC): Results of the survey on preprint evaluation and publishing practices of Croatian scientific journals

10.05-12.00 Panel discussion: How to evaluate preprints and do we need printed issues of journals

Moderator: Iva Grabarić Andonovski (Food Technology and Biotechnology / EASE / CROASC)

17 June 2021

Croatian EASE Chapter and CROASC

Croatia, Journal editors, Manuscript editors and author service providers