EASE Member Webinar: Research integrity for editors

Poor reporting of scientific research, particularly any that involves animals or human subjects, is unethical, as it wastes time and resources, might cause unnecessary suffering, and might lead to inaccuracy in the scientific record. This talk gave an overview of various ways in which editors can help prevent this.

Literature review: putting research in context and preventing waste in research
Protocols and statistical analysis plans: keeping authors on track
Reporting guidelines and checklists
Sex and gender reporting
Validation and reproducibility: including verification of large datasets and real-world data
Data sharing statements, database citation, secondary use of data
Authorship and CRediT taxonomy
Conflict of interest declarations
Gender and diversity policies (including end-user viewpoints).

Speaker: Dr Joan Marsh, Lancet Psychiatry, Past President of EASE and Chair of the Gender Policy Committee

09 March 2021

Journal editors