EASE Member Webinar: Words and typography (text design) for science editors

The workshop was presented in two parts: part 1 about effective writing and part 2 about effective typography.

Part 1 In writing her book Stylish Academic Writing, Helen Sword had an agenda: she wanted to “start a stylistic revolution that will end in improved reading conditions for all.” Based on a path-breaking analysis of 1000 research papers from ten distinct disciplines ranging from philosophy to computer science and published in more than 60 leading journals, Helen distilled the essence of good academic writing in an effort to demolish the myth that journal editors do not “allow” authors to write in a certain way. Both a connoisseur and a clinical observer of academic writing for decades, Helen will take you on a whirlwind tour of resources designed to help academic writers (and their editors) shape up their sentences and sharpen their style.

Part 2 This workshop will introduce science editors – both manuscript editors and journal editors – to good practice in presenting text to their readers, ways that help to convey the authors’ intentions more effectively, based on what the technology has offered in the past and what it offers now. Speaker Yateen Joshi, EASE Council/Chair of Training Committee, freelance editor

16 February 2021

Authors and researchers, Journal editors, Manuscript editors and author service providers