ISMTE 2023 Global Event EASE session: Harnessing leadership and accountability for a sustainable publishing industry

The conversations and actions around sustainability and environmental responsibilities of the publishing industry are gaining momentum in recent years. Building on related dialogues at ISMTE’s Global Event 2022 and EASE’s Annual Conference 2021, this session aims at making Aspire 2023 participants aware of the recent developments and of the opportunities for integrating sustainability-, environment-, and climate-related actions in the publishing ecosystem. This moderated panel discussion will further inform the participants about specific tools, e.g., EASE Environment Manifesto/Checklist, and STM SDG Forum’s Toolkits, available to adopt sustainability actions at individual as well as organizational levels. By engaging the participants in the conversation, the session will explore issues and challenges around leadership and accountability in the space of growth and sustainability of the publishing industry.

20 July 2023


E&S Committee