Joint editorial initiative with UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

Collaboration with the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change to coordinate nursing and public health journals from across the world to simultaneously publish an editorial calling for world leaders to take emergency action to transform societies and limit climate change, restore biodiversity, and protect health. The E&S Committee encouraged EASE members with health journals to take part, and published a viewpoint in European Science Editing to raise awareness of the initiative.

The joint editorial was published in advance of the UN General Assembly, one of the last international meetings taking place before the (COP26) climate conference in Glasgow, UK in November 2021. Over 220 leading journals, including The Lancet, the East African Medical Journal, the Chinese Science Bulletin, the New England Journal of Medicine, the International Nursing Review, the National Medical Journal of India, The British Medical Journal, the Revista de Saúde Pública (Brazil), and the Medical Journal of Australia.

01 November 2021

E&S Committee

E&S Committee, Journal editors