Launch of the SAGER Guidelines nine-module online course

A nine-module online certified course on the Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER) Guidelines was launched over the summer of 2023. The course was developed by a partnership of GENDRO, Elsevier and EASE and is hosted on Researcher Academy.

The course gives participants a thorough grounding in the principles of sex and gender in research. The nine modules are:

Introduction to the SAGER Guidelines Course

1.0: Why sex and gender are important
2.0: What is the SAGER Guidelines?
3.1: SAGER recommendations
3.2: SAGER Checklist: A resource for editors and authors
4.1: Role of publishers
4.2: Concerns by editors and publishers
5.0: Uptake and implementation of the SAGER Guidelines

SAGER Guidelines Course Assessment

01 May 2023

GENDRO, Elsevier, EASE

Gender Policy Committee, SAGER Project Group, Authors and researchers, Journal editors, Manuscript editors and author service providers, Peer reviewers