Retraction in Academic Journals: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

We were pleased to organise the first webinar of the Ukrainian Regional Chapter in 2023, “Retraction in Academic Journals: Best Practices and Lessons Learned,” which addressed a crucial issue in academic publishing. The process of retraction helps editors to respond effectively in cases where essential errors are discovered in published articles during the post-publication period. It involves retracting the article from publication after a thorough investigation.

Retraction is rare in Ukrainian academic publishing, and so we were excited to promote this event.

Firstly Dr Ivan Oransky, co-founder of Retraction Watch presented ‘Retractions are on the rise, but not enough’ then co-authors of the EASE Standard Retraction Form, Dr. Hervé Maisonneuve (Université de Lyon, France and EASE member) and Dr. Evelyne Decullier shared their experience.

During the webinar, we discussed guidelines and proper behaviour for retraction, and shared experiences and best practices.

The EASE Standard Retraction Form is available in English and Ukrainian, in Word and .pdf formats for ease of use. Please visit

11 April 2023

EASE Ukraine