To work as an editor during a war: Ukrainian experience and lessons

On 2 September 2022 Iryna Izarova, Chair of the Ukrainian Regional Chapter, and Maryna Zhenchenko, the Vice Chair, gave a presentation entitled “To work as an editor during a war: Ukrainian experience and lessons” at the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors Annual Meeting 2022 held from 31 August to 2 September 2022, in Helsinki, Finland (

The main aim of this research was to collect and analyse data about how the war changed plans and the everyday lives of those who work in editorial services, and how significantly it impacted their job role and workload. The survey targeted 1447 science journals, which are published in Ukraine according to the electronic register.

Following the survey, some practical recommendations were developed by the international community for editors faced with war to help them meet these challenges without significant losses: how to deal with the editorial staff during the war, how to help them, how to solve conflicts and how to prevent them, how to avoid bias and to keep journals operational.

Consolidation of efforts may help us keep our professional editors working efficiently and without the additional burden of problems and suffering. We plan to continue the survey to identify current problems and focus on finding solutions to the various issues raised. It is important to recognise the immediate difficulties of operating during the invasion, but also to prepare for the renovation of Ukraine in the post war period. The main aims are to keep high quality human resources engaged in the industry and to ensure that international standards of scholarly publishing are maintained and further developed in Ukraine.

02 September 2022

Ukrainian Regional Chapter of EASE

Ukraine, Journal editors, Manuscript editors and author service providers, Peer reviewers