About the Azerbaijani Regional Chapter

Our Chapter brings together individuals and entities interested in developing and improving scientific publishing:

Our goals are:

  • To increase awareness of European Association of Science Editors (EASE) in Azerbaijan;
  • To expand cooperation between scientific editors of Azerbaijan , and other countries;
  • Preparing books, manuals and brochures for editors, reviewers, and authors;
  • Organization of educational events for editorial staff and authors:
  • events on research and publication ethics for local journals and give advice on registration of scientific journals in foreign indexing databases to raise the standard and quality of scientific journals by providing;
  • increase the quality of published scientific articles, reviews and journals
  • trainings on editing, development of guidelines for improvement the quality of scientific journals;
  • conducting webinars on writing a scientific article;
  • arrange thematic meetings arranged for editors of scientific journals published in Azerbaijan;
  • To raise awareness about the art of scientific editing in Azerbaijan, and to facilitate interaction between scholarly editors across the country.


Specific activities proposed for 2024

  1. To acquaint thousands of scientists and specialists working at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, as well as the scientific community of Azerbaijan, with the activities of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE), encourage them to use the opportunities of the union, and successfully represent EASE in Azerbaijan;
  2. To hold webinars for young scientists on writing a scientific article;
  3. To prepare manuals, guides and brochures for editors, reviewers and authors;
  4. To translate and present the resources related to scientific editing provided by EASE to experts in Azerbaijan;
  5. To organize thematic meetings with editors of scientific journals published in Azerbaijan.