About the Brazilian Regional Chapter

The Brazilian Association of Science Editors (ABEC Brasil) was founded on 1985. It brings together individuals and entities interested in developing and improving scientific publishing. It is a not-for-profit international civil society, dedicated to:

  • the training of scientific editorial teams
  • improving communication and dissemination of scientific output
  • exchanging ideas and knowledge related to scientific publishing.

In 2021, ABEC Brasil participated in the launching of the Latin American Association of Science Editors (ALAEC), together with representatives from other Latin American Countries.

In 2022 the Brazilian Regional Chapter of EASE was formed. Through its partnership with ABEC Brasil, the Chapter is seeking to strengthen scientific collaboration with international partners to make quality, up-to-date content available to its members, aiming to boost the improvement and visibility of Brazilian journals in the international context.

EASE will support the Chapter by:

  • helping to develop suitable training
  • promoting webinars related to EASE’s special interest committees
  • holding specific events in conjunction with EASE conferences and events
  • identifying speakers for ABEC meetings/conferences
  • promoting visibility to ABEC Brasil.