The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an international community of individuals and associations from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experiences in science communication and editing.

Vietnamese Regional Chapter

The aims and objectives of the Vietnamese chapter of EASE are:

  • To promote the internationalization of science editing activity in Vietnam.
  • To improve scientific publishing and editing standards for domestic platforms.

The SciComm system at is the key interface for the EASE Vietnam Chapter, which enables the communication and exchange of resources for academic authors, editors, publishers and the Association.

Chapter members

The Vietnamese Regional Chapter is chaired by Dr Vuong Quan Hoang, Director at Center for Interdisciplinary Social Research. For full details of all the Chapter’s members, click here.

Planned activities in 2021

  • Satellite session at the 15th EASE Conference, Roundtable: Internationalization of editing, reviewing and publishing practices: New requirements and challenges, 17 June 2021, register
  • To provide resources and facilitate discussions regarding enhancing academic standards for publishing and editing
  • To advocate quality and idea exchange for the betterment of academic discussions and proliferation of knowledge
  • To promote evidence-based policymaking through the means of quality publishing and editing
  • To raise awareness of science editing’s international standards through distributing EASE’s publications and tools.


4 May 2021 – translation of the EASE Quick Check Table for Submissions into Vietnamese.

25th December 2020 – Seminar on Research Outputs in Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam from Scopus database: Overview and Implication: 

18th December 2020 – Translation of the Quick Check Table for Submissions for the ‘Help researchers save time’ campaign:

21st November 2020 – Article by Quan Hoang Vuong and Hiep-Hung Pham to introduce the book titled “The Vietnamese Social Sciences at a Fork in the Road”:

10th February 2020 – Translation of Joan Marsh Elsevier Connect article highlighting the value of EASE to the editorial community, which was published in the SciComm system of EASE Vietnam:

1st March 2019 – Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology’s newspaper, Science and Development, introduces the Vietnam Chapter to the academic circle.


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