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Exhibitor and Sponsor Information

EASE welcomes all organizations interested in exhibiting at the conference or in sponsoring any aspect of the events.

EASE is pleased to offer several levels of sponsorship opportunities for the forthcoming conference. Download our information pack HERE

Enquiries should be directed to our Sponsorship and Exhibitions Manager Horatio Beceriu

EASE are grateful to the support from our conference sponsors

  • GOLD Sponsor:

    Pensoft / ARPHA (Bulgaria)

    ARPHA stands for: Authoring, Reviewing, Publishing, Hosting and Archiving, all in one place. ARPHA is the first publishing platform ever to support the full life cycle of a manuscript, from authoring through submission, public peer review, publication and dissemination, within a single online collaborative environment. The most distinct feature of ARPHA, among others, is that it consists of two interconnected but independently functioning journal publishing platforms – ARPHA-XML and ARPHA-DOC. The platform consists of separate open access journal, book and abstract / proceedings publishing modules.


  • SILVER Sponsor:

    TARUS Media journals (Romania)

    • British Medical Journal (Romanian edition);
    • Maedica Journal of Clinical Medicine
    • RoJCED
    • Medica Academica