2. Presentation

Date and time: Wednesday, 23 June 2021 4.00pm (BST)

Presentation: The draft EASE environmental manifesto has been circulated amongst members for comment and will be launched at this session

Speaker: Stephan Mertens, EASE Council

The idea of the environmental manifesto is suggest some concrete steps for people working in the publishing sector to contribute in mitigating the climate crisis. In this session a brief introduction into climate change is followed by data which substantiate the impact of the proposals for action.

Biography – Stephan Mertens is an EASE council member since 2018. He is the managing editor of Deutsches Ärzteblatt, a bilingual journal of clinical medicine and public health, publishing in German and English. Stephan is a trained neurobiologist and received his PhD in 1993 from the Institute of Pharmacology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Before joining Deutsches Ärzteblatt in 1996 he was a Postdoc at the Medical Research Council, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England, where he worked on Alzheimer´s disease.

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