7. EASE Forum Live!

Date and time: Friday, 25 June 2021 11.00am (BST)

Discussion groups: EASE Forum Live!

Following the success of last year’s forum, we will again run this hour-long session to consider questions and challenges for all editors, and to take the opportunity to learn from EASE member experiences. Each group will comprise approximately 12 people to ensure everyone can participate. Delegates will choose which session they wish to join. Each session will be moderated to help the group consider a question, discuss the issues it raises, share experiences and suggestions.

The session topics will be:

  1. Peer review and the EASE Peer Review Committee
    Moderated by: Bahar Mehmani, Netherlands

2. Working with the new open access mandates – implications and the effect on journals and editors
Moderated by Pippa Smart, UK and Delia Mihaila, Switzerland

3. Improving editorial efficiencies: sharing experiences about things that have worked, and things that have not
Moderated by Duncan Nicholas, UK and Sara Pegg, Scribendi Sponsor, USA

4. Managing post-publication corrections: how delegates manage these, and tips for improving the speed and transparency of post-publication corrections
Moderated by Rachael Lammey, UK and AVES sponsor, Cemal Cingi, Turkey

5. How to help authors improve their articles: sharing tips for how to work better with authors
Moderated by Michael Willis, UK and Mads Rydahl, Paperpal sponsor, Denmark

6. What does open data mean and how we are working with it (how we can improve the way we encourage authors to share open data and the lessons learned by participants)
Moderated by Reme Melero, Spain and Matt Hodgkinson, UK

7. Tips for trainers and running a training course: sharing experiences of running workshops and what works (and what problems we have encountered)
Moderated by Yateen Joshi, India and Gareth Dyke, Hungary

8. How to prevent retracted science being cited – tips, ideas and suggestions
Moderated by Herve Maisonneuve, France, IJsbrand Jan Aalbersberg, Netherlands and Fiona Murphy, UK

9. How can we improve diversity and reduce bias within research and peer review? Ideas and suggestions
Moderated by Kim Eggleton, UK and Joan Marsh, UK

10. Ideas to solving problems associated with new and young journals (lack of submissions, poor quality, developing editorial boards, supporting authors, etc.) – sharing experiences
Moderated by Ksenija Bazdaric, Croatia and Brian Cody, Scholastica sponsor, USA

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