Croatian Regional Chapter of EASE

Satellite session to the EASE 15th Conference – 17 June 2021

Evaluation of preprints and publishing practices

Croatian Regional Chapter (HR EASE) will host a satellite session together with the Croatian Association for Scholarly Communication (ZNAK) on 17 June 2021 from 9 am to noon (CEST). The session will be in Croatian and free to all participants.

Session will start with the lecture by Dr Mario Malički (METRICS – Stanford University / HR EASE / ZNAK) entitled: An Editor’s Guide to Preprints and Peer Review, after which Dr Danijel Namjesnik (University of Zagreb / ZNAK) will present the results of the survey on handling preprints and publishing practices, conducted among Croatian journal editors by Croatian Regional Chapter and ZNAK in the period from 19 April to 10 May 2021. Finally, a panel session will be held to discuss the results of the findings and reasons for possible transition to online-only publishing, when Dr Ante Blaće (University of Zadar) and Prof Neven Duić (University of Zagreb / ZNAK), among others, will join as panellists.


9.00-9.30 am An Editor’s Guide to Preprints and Peer Review (M. Malički)

9.30-9.40 am Q&A

9.45-10.00 am The results of the survey on handling preprints and publishing practices (D. Namjesnik)

10.05-12.00 pm Panel discussion: How to handle preprints and do we need printed issues


Iva Grabarić Andonovski (Food Technology and Biotechnology / HR EASE / ZNAK)

Jadranka Stojanovski (University of Zadar / Institute Ruđer Bošković / HR EASE / ZNAK)

About the lecture:

An Editor’s Guide to Preprints and Peer Review

Use of preprints is on the rise across all scholarly fields. Yet it is still unknown what changes occur between preprints and versions subsequently published in journals or conference proceedings. In this talk, I will give a brief introduction to preprints, and an overview of more than 20 studies that tried to determine changes between preprints or submitted manuscripts and later published versions (of record). I will also raise and suggest possible solutions on issues related to implementation of preprints in editorial workflows, e.g., citing of preprints in published manuscripts, checking public comments of preprints, inability to conduct double blind review when a preprint is published. With preprints enabling a better insight in the value of peer review, editors should consider monitoring and quantifying this value in their own journals.    

Lecturer: Mario Malički(Metrics – Stanford University)

After finishing School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, I obtained an MA in Literature and Medicine at King’s College, London, UK, and then worked at the University of Split School of Medicine in Departments of Medical Humanities and Research in biomedicine and health, where I obtained my PhD in Medical Ethics titled: Integrity of scientific publications in biomedicine. I have been researching authorship, peer review, duplicate publications, and publication bias. From 2017 to 2019 I was a postdoc at AMC and ASUS Amsterdam, Netherlands, and in 2020 I joined METRICS at Stanford University where I focus on meta-research of preprints. I am also a Co-Editor-in-Chief of Research Integrity and Peer Review journal