Italian Regional Chapter of EASE

Satellite session to the 15th EASE Conference – 23-25 June 2021

Thursday, 17 June 2021, 11.00am-12:30pm CEST, via Zoom

The session will focus on the theme of the EASE Conference Promoting sustainability in scholarly publishing: the role of editors.

It will start with a short presentation of EASE, followed by an introduction by Paola De Castro, chair of the Italian Chapter. Discussion (in Italian) will then be open among the participants and will be moderated by Federica Napolitani, with the aim to develop possible future activities of the Chapter (see aims below).

Among the themes of discussion:

  • What does sustainability mean in the context of scholarly journals?
  • What can editors and publishers do to increase it?
  • How can scholarly journals practically contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What is the role of preprints in this context?
  • Which environmental responsibilities should we consider

Aims of the Italian Regional Chapter

  • To raise awareness of the profession of science editing and communication in Italy and facilitate interaction    among science editors within the country
  • To promote awareness of EASE and use of its publications and tools in Italy
  • To organize thematic meetings with editors of scientific journals published in Italy
  • To promote training for authors and editors

For more information, contact Federica Napolitani.