Turkish Regional Chapter of EASE

Satellite session to the EASE 15th Conference – 17 June 2021

The Turkish Chapter will host a symposium entitled ‘Sustainability in Scholarly Publishing Symposium’ on Thursday, 17 June 2021 between 1pm and 10pm (Turkish time). There will be four two-hour panels, with a wide range of speakers drawn from well-known editors, publishers or specialists in the field in Turkey. The four session titles are:

Responsibilities of Scientific Journals in Terms of Sustainable Development Goals

  • Scientific publishing relationship with SDGs
  • Responsibility of scientific journals during the pandemic in terms of the goal of Good Health and Well-Being
  • Reflections of gender equality on academic publishing in the context of sustainable development
  • The driving force of the Sustainable Development Goals: Open Science
  • Contribution of women’s research centres to science and scientific publishing
  • Equality, diversity and sharing in international publishing
  • Woman editor experience
  • Relationship with publishing and sustainability in environmental issues
  • Analysis of Trakya University journals in terms of Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability of Academic Journals in Turkey: Problems and Solution Proposals

  • The importance of teamwork of all stakeholders in academic journal sustainability: Trakya University Faculty of Medicine Journal sample
  • The influence / role of specialty associations in academic journal sustainability
  • Compliance with international standards in academic periodical publishing and its impact on sustainability
  • Financial sustainability of academic journals; problems, solution suggestions and new trends
  • Sustainability of receiving manuscript submissions and review process in academic journals
  • Institutional sustainability in scientific / academic journals in Turkey
  • Small journals in terms of sustainability: Journal of Applied Social Sciences experience
  • Analysis of the relationship between the journal sustainability and the compliance with the principles of transparency and good practice in scholarly publishing among the journals of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Turkey

Sustainability of Local Scientific Journals in Terms of Publication Language: Turkish or English?

  • Publishing in the mother tongue and global impact factor dilemma in Social Sciences
  • Publisher experience in change of publication language
  • Maintaining both Turkish and English as publication languages: The experience of the Turkish Journal of Psychiatry
  • Setting aims in national-international journals
  • AOTT’s change of publication language since 1962
  • The effect of changing the publication language to English in basic sciences journals: Trakya University Journal of Natural Science experience
  • Publication language criterion in TR Index journal evaluation criteria from past to present
  • The role of language criterion in the sustainability of scholarly journals: Analysis of psychiatry journals in Turkey

Sustainability of Professional Services in Academic Publishing in Turkey

  • Service that adds value to academic periodical publishing: DergiPark
  • Application of APC (article processing charge) system to open access journals in order to maintain professional scholarly publishing in Turkey
  • Copyediting: ongoing problem, sustainable solution proposals
  • Professional services in scientific publishing: medical article writing and medical writing consultancy (publisher and author collaboration)
  • Professional services for scholarly journals; importance, cost items and sustainability
  • Justice and sustainability in scholarly publishing
  • Get indexed or perish… But which one?
  • Internet-based applications in academic publishing, job descriptions as subcontractors, problems

Please read the full programme in Turkish here