EASE Conference optional workshop 2

Course 2: Avoid those common scientific writing mistakes: Grammar and presentation

Trainer and facilitator: Gareth Dyke, for EASE in partnership with Edanz, learning.edanz.com and edanz.com.

Gareth has worked as a journal editor for 17 years and thousands of papers are edited each week at Edanz (http://en-author-services.edanzgroup.com). This workshop builds on their deep experience language polishing and editing academic writing and scientific papers and will review the commonly encountered mistakes made when writing academic English. Improve your all-round English writing skills by learning to quickly and easily avoid common mistakes! We’ll also talk about article formatting and presentation, including tips for writing effective figure captions and creating tables.

This workshop will be fun and interactive; As a result of this training learners will understand:

  • Common grammatical and structural errors made by non-native English speakers when writing;
  • How to minimise your need for language polishing;
  • Key tips for effective English scientific writing, and;
  • Ideas for writing effective figure captions as well as formatting tables.


  • Introduction and chat, 10-minutes;
  • first presentation slot, 40-minutes;
  • break & discussion, 15-minutes;
  • second presentation slot, 40-minutes;
  • Q&A and feedback, 15-minutes

Course Content:

  • Effective English for communication
  • Basic errors in English
  • Developing a research question
  • Topic sentences
  • Practical tips for scientific writing
  • Common mistakes: funny and not so funny
  • Writing effective figure captions and formatting tables
  • Motivations for writing
  • Minimise need for proof-reading

Dr. Gareth Dyke is Author Education Manager at Edanz Group .

Gareth is a prolific scientific author who has published more than 290 articles in peer-reviewed journals over the last 20 years, including in Nature, Science, Proceedings of the National Academy (USA) and other high-profile outlets. His research has been widely covered in the media and he is often invited to present talks and lead workshops around the world, most recently in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Colombia, Spain, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Workshops in China run by Gareth in 2019 were attended by more than 5,000 colleagues. He has written numerous news and other popular articles including in Scientific American, New Scientist, and Nature and is a regular contributor to The Conversation (scientific news website).

He manages the Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology as Editor-in-Chief (17 years and counting). Gareth has mentored students at all levels (Masters, PhD, Adult Education) and has developed a large range of in-class teaching techniques. He has worked in the USA, Ireland, and the UK, including for more than 20 years as a full-time University academic (University College Dublin, National Oceanography Centre University of Southampton).

Gareth is uniquely positioned to teach and advise with authority on all aspects of the scientific publishing process, grant writing, and personal development as he is an experienced researcher, reviewer, editor, and journal manager with a strong background in technical and popular writing. He is accredited as a course leader and teacher by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in the UK as well as by the Irish HEA.

Information about Gareth’s research:


This course is open to everyone, price £100, EASE conference delegates may register for a reduced rate of £40.

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