Exploiting digital tools to manage and trace requests from authors in a French university hospital

Frances Thivet-Sheppard
Centre d’Investigation Clinique (Inserm CBT-506), CHU de Besançon, France

As an English mother tongue editor employed by a French university hospital to assist authors with research publications, it is often difficult to manage requests for help. The articles themselves are wide-ranging in their area of specialisation and each author has different requirements in terms of deadlines. While some authors write in French and may therefore require a full translation of an original article into English, others have considerable experience in the publication process, thus needing little linguistic intervention. A website was set up in order to establish an archive, as well as to provide information for authors about the editorial and translation services available to them. Access to the site was limited in order to protect confidentiality. The website has made it easier to trace the outcome of each article submitted for publication, as well as to centralise, quantify and qualify all editorial and translation work done.