The European Federation of Medical Informatics: History and Journal Review

Prof Izet MASIC, MD, PhD
On behalf of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Society for Medical Informatics of B&H and Acta Informatica Medica

The European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI) represents societies from 31 countries.  This poster describes the activities of EFMI, including conferences and publication of conference proceedings.   As an outcome of EFMI Council meetings (2008-2010), a Task Force was established to analyse the medical informatics journals published by EFMI member countries.  The analysis identifies eight major informatics journals and several other publications.  The most important EFMI publication, indexed in Medline, is Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, which publishes papers presented at The Medical Informatics in Europe Conferences. Most of these journals are subscription based and are published at least quarterly.  This represents a possibility for the EFMI journal editors to meet regularly and form a community of practice with the aim of further improving their effectiveness in disseminating new knowledge and best practice in medical informatics. It is feasible to share expertise and it may be possible to harmonize several aspects of the preparation and submission of manuscripts so that many barriers in publishing are reduced.

Keywords. EFMI, mission statements, task force of medical informatics journals