Parallel Session E

Improving peer review management reporting: creating powerful internal reports and meaningful editorial board presentations

International Society of Managing and Technical Editors
Speakers to include Elizabeth Blalock, Managing Editor,  Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Chapel Hill, USA and Michael Willis, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK

This session is designed to help editorial offices improve the quality of their editorial office/peer review reporting. It will suggest core data that should be continually tracked or presented, as well as propose fresh approaches to generating and interpreting journal performance data. Participants will become familiar with fresh ideas to report data ranging from submission rates through to reviewer demographics and will receive guidance on how best to analyze and present results. Such skills can improve peer review management performance, enliven editorial board presentations and inform commissioning decisions.

The presentation will initially examine the uses of peer review and journal performance data. Following a review of critical data that should be obtained, details on extraction techniques and tools will follow. Regular internal reports will then be proposed, complete with details on how such reports can improve editorial office operations and therefore, service levels for authors and reviewers alike. Presentation techniques will also be assessed and will include several interesting and informative efforts that will provide visual appeal or prompt considerable debate. The session will finish with a discussion on the importance of applying context to reports, and, where appropriate, external comparative data.

Participants: This session will appeal to Editors, editorial office staff and publishers. Individuals with responsibility for generating reports or peer review management will find the session informative.

Supporting resources, including tips and techniques on extracting and working with data will be made available on the Resource Central pages of