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EASE Editorial School for Journal Editors, Module 3

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Module 3 of our Editorial School focusses on peer review process and production

Module Summary
The peer review process is often considered to be the gold standard for journals, and yet the operation of peer review remains one of the main headaches for many journal editors and their publishers.

Peer review is frequently inefficient, time-consuming and can fail to pick up article shortcomings. Whilst not promising to resolve a global problem, this workshop will look at the various reviewing systems being used by different journals and will provide tips for how the main problems with peer review (timeliness, quality and efficiency) can be reduced.

The workshop will provide editors with the tools to make better decisions regarding the operation of peer review in their own journal, and to reduce the burden whilst also improving the quality of feedback for authors


This brand new four-module online training course is exclusive to EASE members, and has been designed in a collaboration between our Training Committee and our Regional Chapters.

It will be delivered simultaneously in four countries, with local language support and moderation from our Chapter leadership to ensure the greatest accessibility and effectiveness of the training.

The course is held over four weeks, with one module each week, and is aimed at helping our member editors make their journals more visible, impactful, and full of engaging material. The four modules focus on key journal, and personal, developments and skills,
aimed at helping editors:

  • improve the quality of editorial processes
  • manage ethical issues effectively
  • enhance the efficiency of peer review and production processes
  • support more successful promotional activities
  • comply with international standards, and
  • increase the chances of successful indexing applications.

The training will be led by Pippa Smart, Past-President of EASE, founder of PSP Consulting, and Editor-in-Chief of Learned Publishing.

This course is particularly suitable for those in the early stages of their careers as an editor but will benefit members of all experiences, involved in managing or planning journal.

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