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EASE Germany webinar: Metadata, research integrity and reproducibility

Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 2pm (UK) / 3pm (Germany)

In a time of growing concerns around research integrity and the reproducibility crisis, scholarly metadata is an important tool available to the scholarly community that can help in tackling these challenges. By providing important context about a work—names and affiliations of the authors, funder names and award numbers, post-publication updates if any (and more)—metadata elements can act as trust markers for the work. On the other hand, relationships between metadata components such as between published articles, datasets, and software, drive reproducibility.

In this EASE webinar, Dominika Tkaczyk, Martyn Rittman, and Madhura Amdekar from Crossref will talk about the work underway at Crossref that helps in improving discoverability and preserving the integrity of published work. Hear from them about the Research Nexus vision, key metadata elements that are trust signals including retractions and funding information, and metadata matching for discovering relationships between research outputs.

This session will be suitable for journal editors, authors, and publishing professionals who would benefit from understanding the value of rich metadata. With this information, attendees can not only leverage metadata in their own work but also support the collection and deposition of rich metadata in their communities for the benefit of all.

This webinar is free and open to all and will be conducted in English.



Manu Jain Goyal


Scientific advisor, International Journal of CancerGermany

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Madhura Amdekar


Community Engagement Manager, CrossrefNetherlands

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Martyn Rittman


Product Manager, CrossrefGermany

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Dominika Tkaczyk


Head of Strategic Initiatives, CrossrefIreland

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