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EASE Get-Together: Communication Practices

Thursday, 21 September 2023 3pm-4pm (UK time)

Get Together to discuss…Communication Practices
with Christa Bedwin

Our first Get Together session this Autumn was hosted by Christa Bedwin. Christa is a keen contributor to the EASE Forum and has recently posted that our sister societies, the Mediterranean Editors and Translators and the Nordic Editors and Translators, hold regular social events like this which are very popular.  Taking time out from a busy day to chat with EASE friends and colleagues from around the world may just lead to that all important connection, solve that niggling issue you’ve been grappling with or just be a welcome respite for a chat in a hectic schedule.

The event was held in the Zoom meeting platform, so we were able to breakout into smaller groups to facilitate small group conversations. This event lasted for an hour from 3pm-4pm (UK time), and attendees are welcome to drop in and out as their schedule allows. Our first event will looked at communication practices, how do you communicate with friends and family, with work colleagues and clients? What works for you and what doesn’t? We encourage attendees to bring their own topic ideas along too, we let the chat flow freely and see what develops.

EASE members from all disciplines are welcome to EASE Get-togethers. Registration is free.

About EASE Get-Togethers

EASE Get-Togethers are a great opportunity to meet up and chat with friends and colleagues in a social setting. Though we have fewer opportunities to meet up with colleagues in person since the pandemic, platforms like Zoom and Teams provide a practical alternative and mean that we can meet in a fraction of the time without the effort of traveling.

Freelancers often work alone, but even those working for publishers with physical offices are now more likely to work from home and may feel a bit isolated. These Get-Togethers give us all an opportunity to put a name to a face, get to know each other and share our interests and challenges in an informal social setting.

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