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EASE Ukraine webinar – CRediT: The Contributor Role Taxonomy

Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 4pm (EEST) / 2pm (BST)

The Ukrainian Regional Chapter of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE) was pleased to present this webinar on “CRediT: The Contributor Role Taxonomy.”

As passionate advocates for the dissemination of valuable tools in academic publishing, we believe that insights into the creation and implementation of CRediT are incredibly valuable for our members. Given the importance of clear authorship attribution and recognition in academic publishing, we are eager to explore how CRediT can enhance our understanding and utilization of contributor roles.

In this session we covered such issues as the importance of clear authorship, the implementation of CRediT in academic publishing, and its potential benefits for researchers and publishers alike.

Scholastica’s CEO, Brian Cody, gave an insightful 10-minute presentation. With a strong background in development and direct involvement in our CRediT Taxonomy integration, Brian is well-equipped to speak about the technical implementation considerations.

This webinar was free and open to all.



Simon Kerridge

Independent Research Consultant, Managing Editor of JoRMA (the Journal of Research Management and Administration)

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Daniel Evanko

Senior Director of Journal Operations and Systems, American Association for Cancer Research

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Brian Cody

CEO, ScholasticaUnited States

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