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Generative AI in research evaluation

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can create anything from poems to Python code. Researchers are increasingly using AI both as part of their research and to communicate and publish their work. These tools are powerful, but there are concerns with confidentiality and ethics, their output is not always accurate, and their operation can be difficult to understand. Panelists Giovanni Cacciamani (University of Southern California), Andrew Hufton (Cell Press), Bahar Mehmani (Elsevier), and Lisa Rasmussen (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) discussed what actually happens when a researcher uploads content to ChatGPT, how to peer review research that incorporates generative AI in its methods, and whether there are any appropriate applications of AI in the peer review process. This was an online panel co-sponsored by Cell Press and Elsevier recognizing Peer Review Week. Recording can be found at: https://researcheracademy.elsevier.com/navigating-peer-review/fundamentals-peer-review/generative-ai-research-evaluation